Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tufts University and the Friedman School offers a growing suite of resources and support to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the University.

Resource Spotlight: The Office of Equal Opportunity

The Office of Equal Opportunity is dedicated to Tufts’ commitment to and desire for a truly integrated, interactive, productive, successful and diverse body of students, faculty, staff and community members. OEO provides the information, resources and support needed to turn the university’s commitment into reality.

Students, faculty, and staff can access anonymous reporting tools, points of contact, and resources on the OEO website.

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Contacts at Friedman

Venus Israni, PhD – Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at the Friedman School

Tiffany House, MA – Senior Associate Director for Inclusive Faculty Engagement, Health Sciences Campuses in Boston and Grafton

Matthew Hast – Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Liaison to the University for Office of Equal Opportunity, the Threat Assessment and Management Program and the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

Faculty and Teaching Support

Watch videos, read school-based resources, and attend workshops at the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) to learn more about equity in teaching and learning.

Centers at Tufts

Read more about centers at Tufts. This may not be an exhaustive list as groups may change, but it’s a great place to start!

Groups at Tufts

Less formal than centers, these groups are typically run by students, faculty, or staff at Tufts.

Graduate Diversity at Tufts

Read about accessibility resources and identity groups at Tufts on their website.

Diversity and Inclusion at Tufts

Learn more about the initiatives in place, the work of the Chief Diversity Officers, and more.

Programs and Research Opportunities

Pronoun Primer

Learn more about the Tufts Preferred Name Policy and personal pronouns, why they are important, how they are used and where you can go for support and information.

Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide

Created by the OEO, this printable guide lists many resources available to students.

Student Response Support

If a student or other community member discloses an incident of sexual misconduct or other type of harassment, discrimination or bias to you, resources are available to help faculty and staff members provide proper support. Read the PDF guide online.