Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Friedman School

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Our entire Friedman community actively contributed to and built the current action plan. We are grateful for the hard work, energy, and inspiration of students, faculty, staff, and alumni as we create change.

Friedman Perspectives

2017 alum Brandon Morgan, M.S., works for the LEAH Project right around the corner from the Friedman School, where he applies what he learned at Friedman with Boston’s youth of color.
Brandon Morgan

Brandon Morgan


Nayla Bezares, PhD Candidate discusses how her work in the food industry and in outdoor education led her to examine resilience and social justice at a deeper level.
Nayla Bezares

Nayla Bezares

Ph.D. Candidate

Reflecting on her work as a Friedman professor, including in- and beyond- classroom experiences, Dr. Nicole Tichenor Blackstone discusses the intersection of social justice and sustainability as it applies to food systems.
Nicole Tichenor

Dr. Nicole Tichenor Blackstone

Assistant Professor

Kat Rancano, PhD Candidate shares how her lived experience influenced the questions she would raise throughout her doctoral research regarding the impact of one’s identity on one’s relationship to food and nutrition.
Katherine Rancaño

Kat Rancaño

Ph.D. Candidate